Dum Jums

by Headwind-1



First Of All May I thank You For Coming To My Musical Website. All The Music On This Album Was Performed/Recorded In What I Consider To Be

Artwork: Barry Mason


released March 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Headwind-1 UK

Nautical Spacerock!. . .Know Yourself . . Nothing In Excess.
Marine Artwork By Kind Permission Of My Good Friend Barry Mason Seaton, Devon's Foremost Marine Artist.

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Track Name: Before Sunset
In the lower lands of day
On the hither side of night,
There is nothing that will stay,
There are all things soft to sight;
Lighted shade and shadowy light
In the wayside and the way,
Hours the sun has spared to smite,
Flowers the rain has left to play.

Shall there hours run down and say
No good thing of thee and me?
Time that made us and will slay
Laughs at love in me and thee;
But if here the flowers may see
One whole hour of amorous breath,
Time shall die and love shall be
Lord as time was over death.
Track Name: Dum Jum
None Instrumental Jam
Track Name: Always No Jam
You Always No When It's Time To Go. . .If You Need To Adjust Yourself . Please Do! . . You Alway Go x 2 And All The Other Ways To Go And Adlib
Track Name: The Foresaken Mermaid

Down, down, down,
Down to the depths of the sea.
She sits at her wheel in the humming town,
Singing most joyfully.
Hark, what she sings ; ’ O joy, O joy,
For the humming street, and the child with its toy.
For the priest, and the bell, and the holy well.
For the wheel where I spun,
And the blessed light of the sun,’
And so she sings her fill,
Singing most joyfully,
Till the shuttle falls from her hand,
And the whizzing wheel stands still.
She steels to the window, and looks at the sand ;
And over the sand to the sea ;
And her eyes are set in a stare ;
And anon there breaks in a sigh,
And anon there drops a tear,
From a sorrow clouded eye,
And a heart sorrow laden,
A long, long sigh,
For the cold , strange eyes of a little Mermaiden,
And the gleam of her golden hair.
Come away, away children.
Come children, come down.
The hoarse wind blows colder ;
Lights shine in the town .
She will start from her slumber
When gusts shake the door ;
She will hear the winds howling,
Will hear the waves roar.
We shall see, while above us
The waves roar and whirl,
A ceiling of amber,
A pavement of pearl.
Singing, ‘Here came a mortal,
But faithless was she.
And alone dwell for ever
The kings of the sea.’

But, children, at midnight,
When soft the winds blow ;
When clear falls the moonlight ;
When springtides are low :
When sweet airs come seaward
From heaths starr‘d with broom;
And high rocks throw mildly
On the blanched sands a gloom :

Up the still, gleaming beaches,
Up the creeks we will hie ;
Over banks of bright seaweed
The ebb-tide leaves dry.

We will gaze, from the sand-hills,
At the white, sleeping town ;
At the church on the hill-side---
And then come back down.
Singing, ‘There dwells a lov’d one,
But cruel is she.
She left lonely for ever
The kings of the sea.’
Track Name: Dum Dum
Dum Dum
Track Name: The Monochrome Dreamy Windmill
Behold! a giant am I!
Aloft here in my tower,
With granite jaws I devour
The maize, the wheat, and the rye,
And grind them into flour.

I look down over the farms;
In the fields Of Grain I see
The harvest that is to be,
And I fling to the air my arms,
For I know its all for me.

I hear the sounds of the flails
Far off, from the threshing floors
In barns, with their open doors,
And the wind, the wind in my sails,
Louder and louder roars.

I stand here in my place,
With my foot on the rock below,
And what ever way it may blow
I met it face to face,
As a brave man meets his foe.

And while we wrestle and strive,
My master, the miller, stands
And feds me with his hands;
For he knows who makes him thrive,
Who makes him lord of lands.

On sundays I take my rest;
Church going bells begin
Their low, melodious din;
I cross my arms on my breast
And all is at peace within.
Track Name: A Valediction Intro To And If
Lyrics: John Masefield


INTRO: F#m D. F#m D.
F#m If it could be, that in this southern port D
F#m They should return upon the south-west gale D
F#m To make again the empty bay their court D
F#m Queen beyond queen, at rest or under sail. D

Ab-A. Ab-A.

Ab Each darkness has her stars, and when each sets A
Ab The dawn, that hardly saw her, soon forgets. A
Ab Each darkness has her stars, and when each sets A
Ab The dawn that hardly saw her soona forgets. A

F#m D. F#m D.

B And if, from every ship, the songs should rise D
B From those strong throats, and all be as before, D
B Should we not all be changed and recognize D
B Their inner power and exalt them more ? D

Ab Not so, we should not, we should let them be, A
Ab Each age must have its unregarded use, A
Ab That is but of its time, on land and sea, A
Ab Things have their moment, not a longer truce. A

F#m D. E. F#m.
Track Name: The Up, Down, And Around To Bangor
What A Lovely Day Trip To Bangor Aror
Track Name: In Agerman Jail Windjum
In A German Jail Where They Fuck You With A Nail
And They Hang Dirty Pictures On The Wall!
When Your Hair Grows Thick From Your Belly To Your Dick
And The Mice Play Billiards With Your Ball_alls. Plus Adlib, Then Some Windmill . . . . . . .
Track Name: Dum-Jum-Doo-Wind..energy simulators..sonic attack..will cum..dum jum